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Since 2005, Ross Flurry has been dedicated to persevering the industry in which we call mortgage lending. He graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 2004 and quickly entered the mortgage world. Over the years he has assisted in closing over 1,000 mortgage loans, and holds experience running residential branch offices in Louisiana, Texas, and Florida.
Through the years, he has learned the power of being persistent, and mastering the art of "Under-Promise and Over-Deliver." Ross is a true believer in positive energy and giving back to his peers and the community. You will find he has served in various leadership roles including VP of Interfaith Young Professionals and Co-Founder of The Woodlands Young Entrepreneurs Network.
You will find in Ross that he is CONSISTENT…with a dash of "perfectionist" on the side. He inspects a loan as an underwriter would, and he isn't afraid to give you the Good, Bad, or Ugly. Ross states, "To achieve maximum results in a brief period of time, you must continue to educate yourself in this industry. Without proper knowledge, you are not an asset, you are simply a middle man. It is my aspiration to be an ASSET to whoever I may be working with."
"The mortgage industry has experienced tremendous change. It is crucial that we as loan originators gather ALL of the information in the beginning and structure the loan in a manner that paints a clear picture to the underwriter," Ross says. "It is also our responsibility to be proactive in looking for any future obstacles that a particular loan may endure."

"When we know what lies ahead, we can better prepare all parties for what to expect. Communication is Key in this business, and it is our duty to ensure that all parties are on the same page."



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