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The Winds of Change: How We Can Adapt And Grow In Any Season

I read an article today written by a man I have recently met, but strongly admire. Steve Scanlon and I have many things in common, but there are TWO standouts.

1. Steve was once a mortgage loan originator like myself, and worked for Cherry Creek Mortgage also. While great at his job, Steve still had numerous passions he wanted to explore in this lifetime. He is now living his dream of influencing lives in a positive manner by writing, speaking, coaching, mentoring, and many other untradtional ways.

2. We both understand the value of CHANGING YOUR THOUGHTS. There is a kindredship you share with someone who "gets' your way of thinking. Not only does Steve "get" what I talk about all the time, he TEACHES IT. He lives and breathes Awareness, Consciousness, Positive Energy, and being an open book of KNOWLEDGE to others. And the best part, he gets PAID to live his dream!

While Steve may not know this, he is a role model to me, and he is someone I will always look to for guidance and advice. I'd like to share this article that really hit home for me today. I like what he says at the end. "If we can embrace this concept (of Seasons) through increased awareness, then and only then can the fullness of life be experienced with peace."

See Steve's article below, and follow him at

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