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2019 Annual Assessment - Key Changes & Proud Moments

I was completing an "end of year" assessment today and this question popped up. How has your life changed or stayed the same in the last year? I felt it was worth sharing, so here's a quick update. Over the last 12-15 months, I can honestly say I’ve gradually become the happiest and most fulfilled I have been in quite some time. Therefore, I preface my responses by asking the reader to view each response in a positive manner if the dialect is not clear. It has truly been the best year in recent memory. I would have to say that putting my trust in my intuition along with my relationship with Stefani Hale are the primary reasons I find myself in such a great place. After a tumultuous 2018, I found myself putting my trust in what my heart was telling me over my brain, and reinvesting in my own personal growth, both mentally and spiritually. 3 months into 2019, I was seeing massive change with the momentum building so quickly, it was obvious to me I was on the right path. I had to trim the fat in my business. From costs, to staff…people who have been with me from close to the beginning of Network Financial, lots of cuts were made. But it created a freedom I hadn’t felt in years.

I gravitated towards Simplicity. Working Smarter, not harder. Record months for Network Financial in terms of volume were hit time after time after the cuts were made. It was a feeling of Satisfaction. Proof to myself that I could still do it even with a smaller team. The bonus on top was that the records months came all with minimal overhead. That is a true testament to many years of relationship building and earning trust in the Real Estate community here. In return, my stress levels saw new lows in 2019. LOL, seriously. The words “Thank You” could never reciprocate my level of gratitude towards Stefani Hale for handling the behind the scenes operations for Network Financial. Another reason for my lowered stress. 😊 Mom, Dad, she’s going to keep me around here a little longer. LOL, adding years to my life as we speak!

Oh, and another quiz question. “Was it Eventful”??? You better believe it. 2019 marks the first year I’ve traveled outside of the states. Again, thank you to Stefani Hale for planning a CABO trip for the whole mortgage team, along with spouses and significant others. It was the absolute BEST first "out of country" trip for me. And ummm, the “All-inclusive” style resort we stayed at was something I could NOT get used to. I totally couldn’t believe we could have ALL WE WANTED…including food, all tallied in our original trip cost! HUH?!? Sign Me Up! I’d suggest that be the only way to do it, I was totally spoiled for 4-5 days with some of the greatest people. Stefani got an incredible travel deal for us at RIU PALACE in Cabo, Mexico. I think her travel agent, Catherine from NIA, hooked that up. Guests included myself, Brooke Mason, Eric Alvarez (who actually caught a 140lb. MARLIN on our deep sea fishing trip!) Brandon and Christy Reasor, Jen and Philip Ragain, and our college frat boy, Mr. “To The Moon” himself, Reagan Skinner. Lol, I’d have to honestly say that this trip was probably the best overall trip of my life. And I got to experience it with some people I’m VERY proud to know and work with. On top of Cabo, 30 days later we had a Costa Rica trip booked with both of Stefani’s daughters. Our first BIG family trip. We also did Orlando, FL together for a cheer competition earlier in the year. But Costa Rica was a lot more of a vacation, as you can imagine. 😊

Another Quiz Question. I'll place in quotes. "What are you most proud of?"

Don't forget to pat yourself on the back for any job well done. You deserve it for all your hard work and perseverance. Acknowledging our successes reminds us what we are capable of at any moment.

My answer...Written Above. Personal Growth, Relationship Growth, Working my way through a tough mental and financial situation. Maneuvering through it in all the proper ways. The relationships that were made this year will be long term, leading to SO MANY opportunities in the future. I am proud to say I continued putting the “right people on my bus.” That includes one friendship that became a business partnership and opportunity of a lifetime for me. With one of the hardest working and most talented individuals I know, Trevor Lee Chapman. Trevor has become like a brother to me over these last few months. The respect I have for him is on a whole new level. The man just gets it.

Not many know this, but I moved to Los Angeles when I was 20 years old with aspirations of working my way up the business side of a record label. I have a strong passion for music and always felt I had a good ear along with marketing skills, so my instincts gravitated me towards becoming a successful A&R executive. Little did I understand the cost of living in California, so after a 6 month lapse in college classes and understanding I could never afford out of state tuition, I moved back to Ruston, Louisiana to finish up school at La Tech University. Had I stuck to my original plan, I would’ve moved back to Cali in 2004 to try my shot again with a Marketing Degree under my belt. Instead, I took advantage of a unique opportunity from my friend Josh Scobee, who had just been drafted in the NFL by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Josh was new to JAX and didn’t know many people yet, and offered to rent his extra room in his apartment to me in Jacksonville, if I wanted to move to Florida. I took advantage of the offer, and wound up in the mortgage biz about a year later. If I ever had to pick one thing I MIGHT have regretted, it may be the decision to not follow my intuition to move to LA and go for my dream.

Well, God works in mysterious ways. Maybe it’s destiny, or just another shot at following my passion later in life…but to be given the opportunity to go into business with an artist I TRULY believe in is something I didn't see happening. When those things boomerang back to you, you HAVE to pay attention. Because of that, if you ask me what I’m most proud of this year, my reconnection with Trevor Lee must to be mentioned towards the top. It feels God-sent. And if the opportunity to jump in full-time appears, you best believe I'm Jumping.

Cheers and God Bless.


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