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While visiting a friend's wine bar last night, I see there is a Ladies Group having a small event on the other side of the room. They are only using half the stage, in which there is a couch on, the spot lights are on them, and it's an interview-like setting appearing somewhere between Oprah and The View. The guests drank their wine while being interviewed by the host, a local business owner, and fierce looking diva, Mrs. Lenora Byrd. It is apparent by the topics discussed and questions pitched that this is a room of elite women, entrepreneurs, movers and shakers in the community. I was blown away by the guests and their interviews. You heard stories of success, failure, the trials, tribulations, the money issues, the raw JOURNEY.

The first guest was funky, hip, not afraid to tell you how it is, The Pink Envelope's CEO, Samantha Foster. Bobbie Cobb, owner of Massage Heights Spring Creek & Panther Creek, took the lad