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Walk In Love

I was hit with a strong reminder this morning that I couldn’t let sit in silence. As I prepared myself for an early morning meditation with a few deep breaths, the thought entered my head…at the root of it all, it all begins with Love. I was reminded that an open heart full of love resembles a child who has not yet experienced the harsh realities of this life.

Curious and eager…they look for ways to explore and have fun. This was crucial in my lesson this morning as I feel I have allowed outside circumstances to effect my energy, and the Love I put out into the world on a daily basis. People may see the exterior facade and think nothing is wrong, but in actuality, there are many things in my world that have created frustration, confusion, and a looming cloud over my positivity and total happiness.

Today, I was reminded to Walk in Love. Let it all go, and decide that you will Walk in Love today.

Many times we will allow deadlines or other tensions to add pressure to our mental health. Remind yourself as you’re going about your day to Act in Love. Be Compassionate. Smile Often. Lend a helping hand without expecting anything in return. As we Walk in Love, we will attract more and more abundance. Our tensions will fade, and our focus will shift. Opportunities will arrive, and we will feel as if we’re walking in Alignment with God.

Throughout your day, remind yourself to take a breath, and Walk in Love today.

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