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Trevor Lee Music - Passion Project & Partnership

Today is a Special Day. 10/23/2020

It commemorates a year of dedication to a life changing partnership and friendship.

Let me explain. If you know me, you know the basics. Mortgage guy. Community Guy. A little outspoken, and a Lot of fun.

But if you REALLY know me, you know I’m crazy ambitious, always thinking outside the box. I have always had passion projects that I believe strongly in and dedicate time and energy to others who I want to see succeed.

My largest and most exciting project was teaming up with a friend in 2015 to start The Woodlands Young Entrepreneurs Network. This was right when “networking” really took off. This organization caught fire and grew to over 2,800 local members in just 2 years! We put on monthly events, offered others opportunities to connect, and as we grew, so did our relationships.

One of those relationships formed through this group was with a close friend and “brother” of mine today. He was an up-and-coming independent music artist. One of the hardest working, most talented individuals I know to date.

Fast Forward to 2020... You may have seen me share previous video releases of his. May have even wondered why I was out of town at a video shoot or two. It’s because I BELIEVE in this dude, he has all his boxes checked. Always a positive, thought provoking message, and let’s be honest, I’m really just a fan at heart.

Trevor Lee and I partnered in business a year ago after he sent me THIS song to review. Over a year later, we celebrate the Release of “Fadin” today. The Song AND Video Premiere.

This is a song that leans into the struggles of mental health and depression. Victoria Jones eloquently delivers the chorus calling on us to “Keep a light on...” because even though others may not relate with what you’re going through, knowing they’re there for you when needed may be what helps get you through it.

I’ve played this song for many people in many different settings over the year, and so many times, it has brought tears to people’s eyes. In the midst of 2020, and the turbulence we have all experienced, this song couldn’t have been released at a better time.

Not everyone will understand your pain. But as the lyrics say, we’ll “keep a light on and tell you we hear you.”

Official Music Video on YouTube

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - Texas Together Video

@trevorleemusic #TLMMGMT

Listen on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes today.


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