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Being Grateful And Expecting More

Why is it that when I achieve a goal, small or large, I never seem to take the time to reflect and be grateful like I should? It’s like I have a battle going on in my head with constantly expecting more of myself and my latest achievement no longer being good enough. I have to constantly remind myself to slow down, smell the roses, and be grateful for what I just accomplished. Do any of you struggle with this too?

Do you think the problem lies in expecting too much from yourself? Can you Be Grateful AND Expect More?

Finding that balance is a difficult task. I’ve noticed it’s much easier to take some reflection time at the beginning or end of my day. I use the entire 12 hours in between to push myself to the limit, but finding the time to cut it off and reflect in gratitude is the tough part for most. A suggestion would be to set a time of day in which you turn your phone off for 30 minutes and sit in a quiet and peaceful place. Clear your mind and give thanks for what you learned, who you connected with, and what you accomplished today. If you can’t FULLY turn it all off so abruptly, try turning on some relaxing music and sit outside. Have a glass of wine.…a glass, not a bottle ladies! ;) Implement this into your daily life, and you may create the balance you’ve been missing.


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