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You Will Be Missed...

I'll never forget driving home from a long Louisiana weekend... I receive a text from a dear friend. "Did you hear that Dr. Wayne Dyer has passed?" The emotions poured through me as I consciously sorted out how I was "supposed" to feel about this loss. EndFragment

Wayne lived his entire life seeking out truth and the meaning of life. I've never known a greater teacher than this man. He was the epitome of wisdom. His soul radiated love and compassion. Yet, he was no different than us, as we all have flaws and character traits we continue to work on. I've never related to any other speaker, preacher, teacher the way I did Wayne. And I praise him for his passion to spread his love and his knowledge through the many books, interviews, conferences, and tv appearance opportunities he manifested throughout his life.

For me personally, his masterpiece "I Can See Clearly Now" stands out as the greatest work of his collection. I can relate it to having your first incredible bottle of wine. You'll never forget it, and it takes your interest to a whole new level. This is how I felt after "I Can See Clearly Now."

Wayne Dyer, you've inspired me to become my greater self. You've shown me how to get there. And ultimately, you are a primary reason I am currently living this amazingly abundant life I live. Because I know you were not scared to die...and because I know you adjusted your mindset to look forward to making this transition, I find it difficult to "mourn your death." I know you can truly FEEL how many lives you've changed for the better on this last journey. You get to experience it in fine detail and bliss now. And I know you're like a child blissfully enjoying every second of it. So I have no choice but to only CELEBRATE your works here in this lifetime. May your teachings bring hope, peace, joy, and most of all LOVE during these treacherous times we approach on this Earth.

Thank you for all you have done for us.

We Are One.

RIP - Dr. Wayne Dyer.


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